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Since Covid-19 has uprooted our lives and left families scrambling to find childcare when the schools closed down, it brought to everyone’s attention the need for resources and plans to be in place for when the uncertainties of life hit the family. That is where the Child Injury program comes into play, with immediate assistance to families that are faced with finding care for a child, whether it is an unexpected medical diagnosis, injury or illness. No more will parents have to miss precious work hours in order to stay home with their child due to a doctor’s recommendation that a child not return to school, or have to dip into savings to cover new childcare costs. With the Child Injury program parents will be equipped with resources to employ qualified individuals to provide child care for their child(ren). Maybe the parent prefers not to have a stranger look after their child, rather than hire someone they don’t know; a trusted friend or family member can be compensated. Wouldn’t having this plan in place alone lift a million pounds off a parent’s shoulder!?

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