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Since Covid-19 has uprooted our lives and left families scrambling to find childcare when the schools closed down, it brought to everyone’s attention the need for resources and plans to be in place for when the uncertainties of life hit the family. That is where the Child Injury program comes into play, with immediate assistance to families that are faced with finding care for a child, whether it is an unexpected medical diagnosis, injury or illness. No more will parents have to miss precious work hours in order to stay home with their child due to a doctor’s recommendation that a child not return to school, or have to dip into savings to cover new childcare costs. With the Child Injury program parents will be equipped with resources to employ qualified individuals to provide child care for their child(ren). Maybe the parent prefers not to have a stranger look after their child, rather than hire someone they don’t know; a trusted friend or family member can be compensated. Wouldn’t having this plan in place alone lift a million pounds off a parent’s shoulder!?

Program specific details are as follows:

• CAP-fund will provide up to twelve biweekly direct deposits (or organizational checks) to babysitter or surrogate parent as selected by parent(s).

• We will cover up to 10 billable hours per day (50 hours weekly), for up to 6 months.

• Every family will have access to Child Injury Clerks that will work with them one-on-one to gather all pertinent information and to explain and assist with the benefit claim process.

• Assistance in completing all necessary paperwork

• The Child Injury Clerk will also notify families if additional services become available during claim period.

• The child’s CAP-fund membership will continually be updated to make sure that the developing medical disability, illness or injury is on file to ensure appropriate care and information is available for the Guardian Assistance Program.



As parents, we want our children to experience all life has to offer; college, field trips, visiting relatives, maybe a mission trip, the list could go on and on. Watching your child drive away to any destination without a parent can be unnerving; with the lingering thoughts of what could happen while they are away. Should something terrible happen and you are away from your child can be a helpless feeling. Here is when the Guardian Assistance program feels like what dreams are made of. The old saying, “it takes a village”, is as true today as it was back then. With GA, we will partner alongside you to create solace for you and independence for your child(ren). Offering 24-hours a day access to a Guardian Assistance team that you and your child can contact should an emergency situation arise, whether it is emergency transportation, hotel accommodations, medical records, identity information, citizenship documentation, food and/or clothing, just to name a few. Rest assured that the benefits of this program alone will help you sleep better and this is all included FREE with your CAP-Fund membership.

Program specific details are as follows:

• There is a GA Program toll free number that is found on back of your child’s Nationally Recognized State Identification card: 1-844-KID-POWR (i.e. 1-844-543-7691). The KID POWR number is available 24 hours daily and 365 days annually for your child related emergencies. Parents, Guardians, Sponsors, or General Sponsors will be contacted in every reported case of an emergency and able to monitor services.
• GA Assistance specialist will be able to verify child’s identity to any foreign or national government during or following an emergency where such identity is not possessed and urgently needed. If necessary, providing temporary identification for printing after an emergency. 
• GA specialist will be able to provide medial or disability information to medical providers should your child be unable to speak, loss of coherency or serious incapacitated.
• Reaching the medical team, correct law officials or entity where your child may be stranded can be difficult, our GA specialist can link you directly to the personal that are caring for your child.
• Securing emergency transportation and/or hotel accommodations to safe and secure location for your child until they are reunited with a parent
• We can secure free airline/transportation tickets or utilizing CAPfund® owned or contracted aircraft or mobile unit vehicles
• In addition, we can provide essential resources (i.e. food and clothing) following any abductions or related emergency until reunited with Parent
• Providing CAPfund® owned emergency vehicles, with drivers capable of transporting child from any state until united with Parent
• Making any and all accommodations to bring you to your following emergency situation where child can’t be moved or immediately reunited because of a medical or serious condition. 
• Ability to provide proof of United States Citizenship to any international embassy, including copy of passport depicting child, Parent following any foreign emergency (if made part of GA Program record for emergency supporting identification purpose only). 
• We will provide for a family’s emergency transportation from preapproved countries following an emergency for up to six people (by 2026). 
• Ability to secure emergency transportation with mobile vendor (Uber, Lyft, etc) for child or parent.
• All services are or shall become available to children and parents only. Well documented abuse of resources may result in the revoking of child’s CAPfund® annual membership or suspension, or repayment of sums if applicable. Because the GA Program is of a nonprofit nature, the extent of services is conditioned upon national and international resources available and/or secured under contract. False claims may subject Parent, Guardian, or Sponsor to criminal larceny related offenses.